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Jon is an amazing mentor! He is patient and compassionate about people and helping them learn. I highly recommend Jon, you won't be disappointed!!
-Sarah C.  Winthrop Harbor, IL  Mom of Guitar Student (4 years studying at JKGA)

I've been learning from Jon for over 3 years now. I am 48 years old and have wanted to play guitar forever. Jon's attention and desire to teach is unsurpassed by any other teacher I've been to. Jon constantly goes out of his way to help his students including but not limited to hosting live events for his students to get a real stage feel for the instrument and how it feels to be a real musician. He is always caring and takes the time to get to know his students and what they want to achieve. His studio setting and teaching practices are relaxing and focused. I would not look for another instructor.
-Scot O. Winthrop Harbor, IL  Guitar Student (3 years studying at JKGA)

My kids love Mr. Kapity. His system is motivating and fun. He keeps them interested by allowing them freedom and flexibility to choose different music- and he is exceedingly patient!
-Heidi E. Waukegan, IL  Mom of Guitar Student (3 years studying at JKGA)

My brother and I have been taking guitar lessons with Jon for a little over a year and have had made such great improvements. I definitely think that taking lessons with Jon has taught me new things that help with expanding your guitar playing skills. If you want to be an excellent musician, than taking lessons with Jon is a great step!!
-Anthony H. Salem, WI Guitar Student (1.5 years studying at JKGA)

Jon is a wonderful instructor! I have been with him for 4 years now and have come a long way. He is very skilled in both playing and teaching guitar. If you are interested in learning guitar dont hesitate give Jon Kapity a call right away!!!!
-Austin W. Beach Park, IL  Guitar Student (4 years studying at JKGA)

My daughter had a fun time learning guitar from Mr. Kapity. It was her first time having lessons. She wasn't sure what to expect at first. Mr. Kapity made her feel comfortable right from the start. He was willing to take his time with her to insure she understood each lesson. He would review material she struggled with, without making it a stressful experience. His incentive program helped her practice at home without it feeling like a chore. As a parent, I took joy in watching her progress and improve with each lesson. I would definitely recommend Mr. Kapity for anyone wishing to, not only learn to play guitar, but have fun in the process.
-Rebecca M. Trevor, WI  Mom of Guitar Student (3 years studying at JKGA)

Jon has been giving my son guitar lessons for about 4 1/2 years. My son didn't even know what a chord was when he started with Jon and now he is learning to write his own songs and he plays in our church band. Jon is great at encouraging while keeping my son accountable if he doesn't practice enough. My son LOVES playing the guitar and looks forward to his lessons with Jon.
-Peggy K. Kenosha, WI  Mom of Guitar Student (4.5 years studying at JKGA)

Jon's experience and expertise coupled with his friendly demeanor and patience make him a very good music instructor. He genuinely cares about the kids he teaches and he works very hard for each of them. Having a house full of kids himself, he knows what makes kids tick and how to reach them on a personal level to help them succeed. He is very encouraging.
-Amanda P.  Kenosha, WI  Mom of Guitar Students (4 years studying at JKGA)

I am 10 years old and I have taken lessons from Mr. Jon for 3.5 years now. It's been a great experience and I look forward to going every week. Mr. Jon is really nice and he is an incredible guitar teacher. He helps me focus on the song that I'm working on and plays along with me. I'm so glad to have found him as my teacher and never want to stop going! Anyone who is interested in lessons should go to him!
-Ethan G.  Zion, IL  Guitar Student (3.5 years studying at JKGA)

I have taken lessons from Jon for around 3 years and still enjoy taking lessons. He is very good at balancing all of the fun and not as fun things to learn so you never get bored. I even get to pick a song that I like on the radio or wherever to learn. He values your opinion; he always makes sure that you know what you just learned and will not move on until all your questions are asked. I would definitely recommend Jon to anyone looking for lessons.
-Abby B.  Beach Park, IL  Guitar Student (3 years studying at JKGA)

I don't think I can put it any better than anyone else on here. It's been said before, and I agree , Jon is the best. My daughter's last teacher missed lessons all the time, and didn't really inspire her to go further..Jon is a great motivator, and very patient with my daughter who has ADD. The little get togethers he does a few times a year are nice, and welcomed. Anyone looking to go with Jon will NOT ever be disappointed!
-Lisa Martin  Gurnee, IL  Mom of Bass Student (3 years studying at JKGA)

I've met a few teachers in my experiences playing bass, and I can easily say that I've never met a man more dedicated than Jon. From the first day, you can tell that Jon honestly cares about his students, and takes great joy in seeing them succeed. After less than a year of lessons with him, I've preformed in front of crowds, and never doubted myself in doing so. More than just a teacher, Jon is a friend to his students. Through him, I've met other, great students, and made many friends. He makes active attempts to have students meet, in hopes that they get along, and play together. Jon also goes the extra mile to teach his students, asking for popular guitarists and bassists to join his students, so that we can learn from professionals. From the first lesson, you can tell that Jon wants to share his love of music, and he's the best teacher I've ever come across.
-Tanner O.  Winthrop Harbor, IL  Bass Student (2 years studying at JKGA)

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